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SMT Stencil Storage Solution – The Rack

Stencil storage can be challenging. Stacking smt stencils on top of one another can leave you with an unstable tower making it difficult to get what you need when you need it.

How do I get the one in the middle without toppling the whole bunch?

Made To Order Stencil Storage Solution

The Rack Stencil Storage Solution offers an easy, safe, and efficient alternative to awkward stacking and cramming. The Rack has slotted shelves, allowing for smt stencils to be kept separated and organized.

Made to order, The Rack can be designed to best fit your workspace. The number and size of shelves and slots can be varied according to your needs.

We offer easy roll wheels or a stand still mounted base. Everything is customizable: Height, Width, and Length. Whether you’re using 10×10 smt stencils, or custom made Door Frame smt Stencil (48×72 or larger), The Rack can be made to fit your process, your plans, and your supplies.

Organizationally Appealing, Space-Saving And Easy To Use

Call us at (877) 697-8362 today to discuss your personalized Stencil Storage Solution.

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