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manufacturing-and-assembly-for-aerospace-i-source-technical-services,-incLaser-processed components have been integral to the aerospace industry for years, and as industry requirements to reduce size and eliminate excessive weight continue to increase, the need for laser-processed parts is greater than ever. Whether for flight components, airport security, or anything in between; I-Source can quickly respond to your needs for laser-processed components, assemblies, and rapid prototyping to meet the rigorous demands and challenges of today’s aerospace industry.

We can help you integrate superior materials and technology into workable designs with a variety of laser and cnc technologies and advanced composite materials , delivering high-quality, cost-effective parts that meet or exceed industry standards. Our quality management system complies with ISO 9001-2016 and ITAR requirements as related to aerospace engineering.


electronics-for-automotive-industry-i-source-technical-services,-incThe increasing complexity of parts and specialized electronics for modern vehicles doesn’t have to burden your in-house manufacturing. I-Source offers a range of specialized tooling, milling, machining and prototyping capabilities that can lead you to greater competitiveness and higher productivity. Additive manufacturing (AM) rapid prototyping is just one of the ways we can help you create faster, safer, lighter, and more efficient vehicles.

Our R&D assembly technicians are ready to help streamline the design and materials for all of your specialized automotive parts. We work with a variety of advanced composite materials and provide design for manufacturing and assembly or DFM/A to help you meet industry standards and more efficiency. Take a look at our manufacturing capabilities.


defense-manufacturing-job-shop-i-source-technical-services,-incWith dwindling profit margins and a highly cyclical nature, outsourced parts, tooling, milling, and component repair helps keep the defense industry nimble and cost-effective. When you need a source for fast-turn, precision manufacturing, the highly qualified engineers at I-Source will provide you with the technology and know-how to streamline your assemblies and meet production deadlines while keeping costs down.

From the start of your project, we work with you on Design for Manufacturability to ensure the success of your tooling or part. Our engineers will advise you on the most effective technology and materials, and we can provide collaborative engineering to help you work out how to make your production lines work better, faster and smarter.  More on DFM.


laser-manufacturing-for-electronics-i-source-technical-services,-incAs demand escalates for precision components for microelectronics circuitry, tight-tolerance laser machining that is both well-designed and cost-effective can make a big different in bottom line profits. I-Source has the precision micromachining capabilities that ensure accuracy, consistency and stability.

I-Source innovates in electronics component fabrication with organic circuitry that helps you solve issues like moisture and flexibility. We manufacture shadow masks for working with vapor deposition, and our SMT laser cut stencils improve yield through unparalleled cut-edge quality and geometry, ensuring optimal paste release for circuit boards with surface-mounted components, reflow soldering and surface mount assemblies.

We work with package on package (PoP) integrated circuity methods and memory ball grid array (BGA) allowing higher component density in small devices. I-Source can even help you repair damaged assembly units by reballing your BGA chips to help you get back online.


laser-manufacturing-and-prototyping-for-emerging-industries-i-source-technical-services,-incInnovative companies, universities and research facilities looking toward emerging markets will find I-Source an enthusiastic resource for any type of progressive technology that requires precision manufacturing, prototyping and design. We collaborate with you to bring your first-to-market ideas to production in unexpected ways.

With a range of state-of-the-art laser and cnc equipment for components manufacturing and micromaching, combined with expertise in design for manufacturability DFM, I-Source can help you design, prototype, fabricate and finish tooling and assemblies that will maximize your production line.

We have manufactured shadow masks used in vapor deposition technology for specialized electronics like brain monitoring devices, and organic circuitry for photovoltaics in LED and solar products. (Get one more high-tech, innovative example to add here.) We look forward to helping you bring innovative products and technologies into the future.


medical-tooling-and-manufacturing-i-source-technical-services,-incIn no industry is precision more critical than in the medical device industry, where projects often involve unique requirements and challenges. Medical laser cutting, prototyping and fabrication provide the absolute accuracy necessary for medical and surgical parts.

I-Source engineers have extensive expertise in working with medical device OEMs. Some of our medical manufacturing capabilities include 6 axis robotic cutting, precision patterns, welding, surface finishing, electro-polishing and micro-blasting. We fabricate shadow masks for biomedical devices, cut plastics for prosthetic heart valves, and provide DFM every step of the way to ensure the success of the design.

Medical technologies are ever expanding and we keep step by remaining focused on the fabrication of smaller feature sizes and increased precision capabilities. Our engineers are experts in the creative use of materials specific to medical device manufacturing, including titanium, stainless steel, aluminum and many advanced composite materials. Our Materials List.

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