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Well Built Products, Quality Workmanship & Unparalleled Service

I-Source exists to help manufacturers and product designers make the things that people want and need today. We started out 25 years ago manufacturing tooling for the electronics industry. As the marketplace has grown, we’ve scaled with it by adding the expertise, cutting-edge technology and equipment that allows us to, not only provide superior components and micromaching, but to assist you in design, prototyping, and finishing.

We’re committed to providing you with the quality products you rely on to be more efficient and profitable. Let us become your go-to job shop for production-ready precision manufacturing.

How We Serve You

Who We Serve

precision-manufacturing-machine-shop-i-source-technical-services,-incWe’ve worked with industries that span aerospace, medical, energy, defense, transportation and research. And we don’t stop there. We pride ourselves on being able to handle most any type of work that requires precision and laser manufacturing, and we maintain a suite of assembly and rework tools that can handle the most intricate jobs in-house.

Learn more about the industries we serve.

RFQ & Turnaround

When you submit a Request For Quote, you will receive details on time, cost and materials for most jobs in less than 3 hours.

If our engineers find a problem or inefficiency with your design, we will work with you toward a solution to improve your design, or help you build one if it doesn’t already exist.

We understand that your production lines need to keep moving, so we work 2 shifts to ensure that most jobs can be completed within 24-48 hours. Our on-time delivery rate is better than 95%.

Got Questions?

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Our Engineers

Technical consultation with our staff engineers is always provided at no extra charge. You can speak directly with the person who has the technical expertise to understand your manufacturing needs, and we’re fluent in English, Spanish and Vietnamese.

Our engineers work with you to ensure Design For Manufacturing (DFM) so you can rest assured that your parts will be built to withstand intended use. Learn more about design for manufacturing.


troubleshooting manufacturing lines i-source technical services, incNeed help solving a problem in your manufacturing line?

If you’re within 100 miles of our facility, our engineers can come out to your shop, inspect your set up and provide recommendations on how processes might be altered to solve the problems or make your lines more efficient.


Parts are typically shipped to your facility via Federal Express or UPS.

For local orders in Los Angeles or Orange County, we can deliver directly to you. We will also pick up your local orders from those same areas.

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Our main headquarters is in Lake Forest, in the heart of Orange County, California. We also have a facilities in Reynosa and Tijuana Mexico, where we serve our manufacturing clients in Latinamerica. We’re here to help you, wherever you are.

Satisfied Customers

“For the past several years I-Source has proven to be an indispensable vendor-supplier with an unmatched track record of service. Your same day stencil turnaround has been key to our success in our own customer service. Thanks so much for past and continued support.”
ROBERT BARR • Process Manager, Jaxx Manufacturing

“Your partnership is crucial to our success . I am very pleased with the service, the quality and the lead times of the stencils I am receiving.”

JOHN BRICKNER • Senior Process Engineer, Senior Systems

“My company has worked with I-Source for over 10 years and used their expertise to solve many engineering problems to complete jobs other factories gave up on. The engineering is solid, I-Source delivers when they say they will, and the end product always meets or exceeds our requirements.”

JIM STRICKLIN • President, The Stricklin Companies

“We have been dealing with I-Source for over four years and our experience with them has been superb. They are on-time with their deliveries, they performed better than previous vendors, and provided us with exactly what we needed and they were there when we needed assistance. We recommend them very highly.”

RUSS ULLAND • Process Engineer, NEL Frequency Controls, Inc.

“Your ability to work well with me on issues, your fast turn on stencils and tooling, and leveraging resources through your contacts were critical to the success of this project.”

TAKESHI KAWARANTANI• Project Lead, Advanced Electric Machines

“We depend on suppliers such as I-Source to achieve the unbeatable customer service our business partners have come to expect. Thank you again and we look forward to many more years of business partnership.”

ROBERT CULPEPPER • New Product Introduction Buyer/Planner, Transcore Amtech System

“I-Source consistently proved they understood our demands, executed our orders always on time, and at a fair cost. We were also pleased with the consistent quality of our stencils and SMT Process tooling that you provided. Our success in part is due to the outstanding efforts and ongoing commitment to customer satisfaction from you and the I-Source Team.  Form all of us in the PCBA Manufacturing Engineering team, Thank you!”

CHUCK MOUNTAIN • Sr. Manager, PCBA MFG Engineering

Ready For More Efficient Manufacturing?

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